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Welcome to VBC Fitness—your source for strength, wellness, and community in the heart of Victoria, BC. Founded by fitness enthusiasts Sue and Danny, our studio goes beyond exercise; it's a welcoming place for everyone.

We believe fitness is essential for personal health and a happier community. Our goal is to create an environment that not only motivates you to reach your fitness milestones but also supports your overall well-being. At VBC Fitness, we're committed to your growth, encouraging positive changes, and providing a supportive community every step of the way.

"Meet the dedicated team behind VBC Fitness, Victoria, BC's premier micro fitness studio. This image captures our certified personal trainers and co-owners, Danny Harris and Sue Killin, smiling confidently in our modern gym. Dressed in professional fitness attire that mirrors our brand colors of white, black, and yellow, our team stands ready to support your wellness journey with personalized training and holistic health advice. Our experts specialize in group fitness, personal training, and nutrition, making VBC Fitness the go-to place for achieving your fitness goals in a supportive environment."


At VBC Fitness, the core of our gym is our team of dedicated, passionate trainers and staff who bring their unique expertise and energy to every session. They're not just here to guide you; they're committed to your success and well-being.


At VBC Fitness, we believe fitness thrives in diverse settings — each bringing unique benefits to your health and well-being. Whether you prefer the comfort and tools of our modern gym or the fresh, inspiring outdoors, we have a spot just for you. Dive into your fitness journey with us at any of our dynamic locations.

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