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Victoria Bootcamp Group Fitness Class

VBC Fitness Group Classes

Find the ideal class to begin or continue your fitness journey with VBC Fitness. We offer a wide array of classes that cater to different needs, easily fitting into your schedule and available at various locations. Below, explore our class categories and start your fitness adventure today.

Class Categories

Victoria Bootcamp Indoor Group Fitness Class

Indoor Classes: 

Enhance your fitness with our indoor sessions, crafted for consistency and focus regardless of the weather.

Victoria Bootcamp Outdoor Group Fitness Class

Outdoor Classes:

Experience the revitalizing effect of training in the open air with our outdoor classes, designed to boost your workout in natural settings.

Victoria Bootcamp Core and Stretch HIIT Class

Specialty Classes: 

Challenge yourself with our specialty offerings in strength and conditioning, stretch and core classes, designed for focused improvement and unique training experiences.


Victoria Bootcamp:

Where It All Began

Dive into the energetic world of Victoria Bootcamp, a cornerstone of our community that combines high-intensity interval training with the motivational spirit of group fitness. Perfect for those who enjoy a dynamic and supportive workout environment.

Class Schedule

Select the best time for your workout by exploring our detailed schedule:
Victoria Bootcamp Group Fitness Class Andrew Hull

Membership Options

Tailor Your Fitness Experience

Understanding the uniqueness of each fitness journey, VBC Fitness provides diverse membership plans. Choose from unlimited class access, and flexible class packs, and enjoy exclusive benefits to align with your lifestyle and fitness ambitions. Join our supportive community today.

Client Testimonials

Hear firsthand about the positive experiences our clients have with VBC Fitness:

This group is absolutely amazing and I cannot say enough great things about the founder, Sue. The people who attend this group are equally amazing, full of support encouragement, and laughs.

Hailie M

I aimed to be at peak fitness by 30, challenging the age myths. Thanks to VBC Fitness, I've not only gained strength but also relished the journey. The vibe here? Supportive, fun, and truly transformative.

Edward C.

VBC Fitness has truly changed my life. It is, by far, the greatest bootcamp I have ever encountered. Not only are they determined to help you achieve your goals, but they also create an environment that makes it impossible to give up on yourself.

Chloe R.
Victoria Bootcamp Group Fitness Class

Start Your Fitness Journey

VBC Fitness welcomes everyone, accommodating all preferences with a broad range of classes and schedules. We invite beginners to seasoned athletes to find their fitness home with us. Start your journey towards health and fitness today.

Class Descriptions

Indoor Classes:

Morning Bootcamp (VBC Fitness)

  • Schedule: Mon/Fri, 6 AM

  • Description: Kickstart your day with an invigorating indoor morning workout at VBC Fitness. Suitable for all fitness levels, this class will boost your energy and set a positive tone for your day.

Stretch & Core Class (VBC Fitness)

  • Schedule: Mon, 5:30 PM

  • Description: Wind down your day with our Stretch & Core Class at VBC Fitness. Focus on flexibility and core strength to relieve tension and enhance well-being.

Evening Bootcamp (VBC Fitness)

  • Schedule: Tue/Thu, 5:30 PM

  • Description: Boost your fitness with our high-intensity Evening Boot Camp at VBC Fitness. Challenge your body with a mix of cardio and strength training.

Strength & Conditioning (Camosun Interurban)

  • Schedule: Tue/Thu, 6:15 PM

  • Description: Elevate your strength and conditioning at Camosun Interurban. Build muscle, stamina, and overall fitness with expert guidance.

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